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International Law


We specialize in the conclusion of contracts in English, Spanish, and German in the fields of civil, commercial, and corporate law. We also review documents in these languages.


We represent our English and Spanish speaking clients in German local, regional, and appeals courts. We also ensure the proper enforcement of foreign judgements in Germany.


We help German nationals living abroad create an estate plan and write their last will and testament. Our estate expert understand international estate law and advise our clients on how national laws may affect their estates. If needed, we can also develop strategies to avoid compulsory portion claims on your estate.

Commercial and Business Law


We advise our clients in founding corporations and partnerships, as well as in establishing branches. We work with local and international attorneys, notaries, and tax advisers to ensure your business is established in accordance with local and international laws.


We represent clients in shareholder disputes and advise clients in shareholder meetings. We also represent clients should shareholder litigation arise.


We review national and/or international treaties of commerce, particularly as they pertain to United Nations Sales Law and the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).


We also advise clients with regard to general terms and conditions of trade.

Inheritance Law


For the past 15 years, we have advised our clients on national and international inheritance law.

Our firm primarily focuses on the structuring of last wills and testaments particularly those in which complicating matters must be taken into consideration, i.e. disinheritance, compulsory share, and the protection of estates against third parties.

We specialize in the following areas of German inheritance law.

We also provide expert advice on international estate matters and, specifically, compulsory shares in European and Non-European countries.If you cannot find your inheritance problem here, please don’t hesitate to ask us if we can help. The above list is by no means exhaustive.  Here you will find an overview of our inheritance law publications.

Business and Corporate Succession Planning

We help our clients develop succession plans for their businesses so that they have full confidence that their business will be safely and securely transferred to the next generation.


Depending on your needs, we can either transfer your company to a near-term successor or structure your last will to ensure the safe transfer of your company’s business and assets to a designated beneficiary.


We carefully examine your company’s articles of association, review your last will, and if necessary, grant enduring powers of attorney.

Inheritance Law News

The “handicapped testament” (a last will that allows parents to pass on their assets to their disabled children without compromising their rights to social benefits) is valid even if the parents are wealthy. (Regional Court Essen, Judgement from 12/3/2015.)

Allowing a provisional heir (Vorerbe) to stay in a living or office room is valid. (Federal Supreme Court of Justice BGH, Judgement from 1/27/2016 – XII ZR 33/15.)


The separation of a civil union partners does not invalidate their contract of inheritance. (Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt a. M. Order from 7/07/2015 – 20 W 16/15.)

Corporate Law News


The costs of incorporating a German LLC (GmbH), including the costs associated with forming the company, must be precisely listed and named. (Higher Regional Court of Celle, Order from 2/11/2016, Az.: 9 W 10/16.)

International Law News


Facebook Case: A corporation may not exclusively choose its legal jurisdiction to hear legal cases. Corporate cases that impact Germany must include the legal jurisdiction of German courts. The choice of law clause and jurisdictional clause are void. (Berlin Court of Appeal 12/17/2015, Az: 20 O 172/15- also regarding the digital estate.)

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