Our network partners.

We have known and worked with our network partners for many years. Our attorneys around the world are happy to help your country-specific needs.
United States Law


Our partner Harry Kassakhian (based in Southern California), is readily available to assist and/or represent you throughout California and the rest of the United States. Contact: kassakhianlaw@gmail.com





In Florida, we work with several attorneys. Please contact the German secretary at our Oldenburg Office. Contact: office@susanne-franke.com


United States Immigration Law


For all matters of U.S. immigration law, including green card and visa issues, we work with U.S. Immigration attorney, Srividya Krishnamurthy LL.M. in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Contact: sri@sriklaw.com


Mexico and Latin America

In Mexico and Latin America, we cooperate with the Mexican attorney Gabriela Ramirez LL.M.. Contact: gr@lawyer.com

International and Swiss Law/International Mediation


For Swiss and international mediation concerns, we collaborate with the Swiss attorney and mediator Dr. Mathias Voelker, LL.M. who is also located in the San Diego area. Contact: voelker@voelkerlaw.ch


For Spanish law matters, we work with the Spanish attorney Raquel Cerezo Ramirez. Contact: info@spanischer-anwalt.de

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